Cold Rolled Release Date

On Friday December 6, we will release our first film, "Cold Rolled" documenting the snow bike riding of Michigan's upper peninsula. Watch the teaser here:


Trailer for the short film "Cold Rolled" to be premiered in Marquette, Michigan Friday, Dec. 6 then released in five chapters, Saturdays from December 7, 2013-January 11, 2014. The Noquemanon Trails Network of Marquette, Michigan has nearly perfected the creation and upkeep of a dedicated snow singletrack system for fatbikes believed to be the first of its kind. Simply called the "Snow Bike Route", the 15-mile trail features berms, rollers and fast descents. It's pretty fun; so we're making a film about it. Along the way we'll explore the 30-year history of winter cycling in this adventurous Lake Superior harbor town, as well as the unique landscape and people that led to the development of the special equipment and skills needed to launch one of the earliest, and perhaps first, trails of its kind. Rider: Evan Simula Music: "To Keep Back" by Zambri, used with permission from Kanine Records